Glen and Effie is an accessory line created and run in Nashville, Tennessee. Each piece of jewelry is hand assembled from various vintage finds across the region. All materials are selected for their unique and ornate character—making every accessory one-of-a-kind. Glen & Effie is where the old collides with the new—creating a story and conversation for every detail within a composition.

The Story

Glen was known as a brave WWII sergeant and POW, farmer, sportsman, supportive husband and father. Effie—a tender gardener, cook, loving wife and mother—was the woman that never left his side.

They began their life together in 1941. And after the war, they purchased over 300 acres in the rural Appalachian Mountains. Pioneering the land, they worked it to a functioning farm full of livestock, fruits, and vegetables.

In the summer, blueberries were gathered, hay was bailed, and vegetables harvested. When fall brought crisp autumn air, apples were picked and preserves made in preparation for the harsh, mountain winters. All while working and selling various livestock.

Through persistent, hard work they made a life for themselves and their three children. Never hesitating to lend a hand to someone in need, they always gave willingly—often more than they could afford. As time passed they became pillars in their small community, reaping the honor and love they had sewn years before. They were people everyone could rely on.

I’m proud to call these two my grandparents. As our small family has grown, they have more than lived their lives as an example. They’ve built a foundation of knowledge and hard work that has opened countless doors of opportunity for us all.